Welcome to Love thy Penistone, here to help during Coronavirus

Love thy Penistone has been created to provide a place for the community to share resources and discourse, while we get through the Coronavirus pandemic.

A place we can maintain community life, offer support, share ideas and most importantly, make sure that everyone in the community is given the extra helping hand they might need.

You can reach out to us if you could use a hand, and you can volunteer if you can give one.

Join the discussion in the forum to become part of Love thy Penistone.

What we are here for:

  • Somewhere to ask for help from the community
  • Centralised local volunteer recruitment
  • A place to keep up to speed with the local situation regarding COVID-19
  • Provide a way for people who are self isolating to reach out to one another
  • Useful practical info, for example what businesses are delivering goods
  • A place to initiate contact and make plans with neighbours
  • Co-ordination of volunteer groups and pooling of resources
  • None of your info will be used by anyone other than the people you connect with and will not be shared or used outside of that capacity