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Can you volunteer to post leaflets to older or vulnerable people in your neighbourhood?

I live near Penistone fire station. But I can drive then walk wherever is required.

I can cover Cubley - Stonehill Rise, Gledhill and any of the surrounding streets.

Thank you everyone who has offered help with the leaflet drop. As per the email we sent out last night, the leaflet drop will be going ahead as planned. We completely understand anyone who decides to drop out - but we welcome those who still want to be part of this. Incase you missed the email sent out last night, here's the update:


Our Response to Government Guidelines

Good evening all,

We want to update you as quickly as possible, in response to the Government announcement this evening.

As you will probably already know, Government has issued strict instruction that all people must stay at home, except for essential workers, daily exercise, shopping for basic necessities and medical need.

The team have discussed these guidelines, and we all agree that these new measures will have an even greater impact on our daily lives. We also believe that now more than ever, the power of community is crucial. People will be more isolated, and the vulnerable will feel more vulnerable.

As such, we have agreed to go ahead with the leaflet drop tomorrow as planned, to promote Love Thy Penistone as a vital community hub. We will continue to support the Love Thy Penistone website, and will continue to support the helpline, for the most vulnerable people.

Your help is critical to this effort. However, we fully appreciate that volunteers may now feel concerned, or reluctant to take part.

We have to make sure all our actions are in strict accordance with Government guidelines. If you are still volunteering to do a leaflet drop, please make sure you observe the following: -

  • Please come alone, unless you live in the same household
  • We are open between 10 am - 7 pm. Please don’t all arrive at 10 a.m
  • Make sure this is part of your ‘one period of outdoor exercise per day’
  • Observe social distancing at all times
  • Wash your hands thoroughly, before collecting leaflet

Penistone Leisure Centre will be operating the leaflet drop between 10 am - 7 pm tomorrow, Tuesday March 24th. Please make your way to the rear entrance and Leisure Centre staff will take it from there. Please be super kind to them 🙂

Stay safe x


is it worth people sharing what time they think they will be picking up the leaflets to avoid bumping into others?

I’m working until about 5 but am happy to come to the leisure centre after that and see if there are any more drops needed.

Are you still needing people to deliver leaflets- can do more if needed?

Let me know thanks


Thanks for email with update.  Let me know if you need more leaflets to be delivered.

I could do a leaflet drop round the elderly bungalows in Thurgoland as part of my daily excercise