Who’s going to eat all the pies?

We’ve had some lovely pies and cakes donated – and some lovely people to give them to!

This week, we have had some very tasty looking pies and cakes donated to us by chef and Round Table member, Paul Eardley. So what better use to make of them, than get you lot to nominate the deserving folk amongst us who are working their knuckles to the bone at the moment?

Heres’ what you had to say about them:

Alison nominated Vicky Surgenor:
My beautiful friend was so upset as her Asda shop was cancelled last minute. She’s working hard to take care of 3 children, one who is gluten free and 1 Celiac, so getting the right food is so important to keep her children well.

Jasmine nominated Jo Griffin:
ICU nurse, coordinator of two community groups, promoter of all things hospitals need and champion of penistone staying at home and staying safe, as well as supporting this student nurse to stay sane. She’s an incredible human, and I think she deserves something for all her efforts in every sense the past few weeks xxxx

Gemma nominated Carla Whitwam:
She’s trying her hardest to help the people of penistone keep fit and healthy in such a rubbish time by doing online Zumba classes and online dance lessons. Xxx

Jasmine nominated Lisa Walters:
Being at home without her usual brood of minded children, but still putting herself at risk and being on standby for key workers children should they need her.

Joy nominated Sjaron Moya Jones:
Always looks after everyone else, cooking baking or just being a listening ear. She is isolated due to coronavirus and recently lost her mum. None of us can be there to give her the hugs she needs when she needs them.

Lisa nominated Kerry Gaskell:
Kerry Gaskell -PGP nurse and her husband Damian also a key worker.

Jasmine nominated Rachel Roberts:
This gals there on the frontline looking after covid patients, working her little mitts off for weeks now and putting her family at risk everytime she returns home. xxxx

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